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About client

AnonymApes is a business card site for marketing activities geared towards advertising NFT collections.

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  • Business size


  • Industry

    Crypto industry

  • Development time

    1000 hours

The team that was selected for the project

  • Project-manager

  • Designer

  • Back End developer

  • Front End developer

  • WEB 3.0 dev

  • QA

Project tasks


Development of the site’s landing page

Development of an administrative panel to manage the site’s content

Development of a smart contract through which the minting of pictures can take place

Project challenges



At the final stage of the site upload, there was a problem with the speed of loading images in a large extension provided by the client. We solved this problem by optimizing them – compressing the assets and reducing disk usage by around 30%, increasing loading times by around 90%


A marketer from the customer’s side was connected to the project and made a significant amount of edits on the site, and the team quickly implemented everything.

Project Solution


Integration of Meta Mask wallet leveraging Web3 technology

To test the rules, wallets were used in groups and were uploaded from Discord to the site’s database

A responsive admin panel was developed that can supply the data needed for post-marketing distribution

Users receive all tokens anonymously. After the end of the mint, an opening mechanism was developed, which lasts one minute, and all users will see their pictures. However, until the discovery has taken place, they see blurry pictures

Downloading all data from OpenSea

A generator was developed, that was launched and based on which NFT images were formed

The client’s system is located on Amazon servers, which the team configured and optimized. Until the moment of minting, all servers work at minimum capacity and, accordingly, the billing is not high. However, once the site is launched, we run our servers at maximum power, and autoscaling is enabled. If we have a dozen more users on the servers, the machines are automatically scaled up causing capacity to be automatically multiplied. Allowing us to be confident that an overload on the servers will not occur. Accordingly, the number can be increased to infinity for as long as Amazon servers remain capable of serving traffic


For native type of users, other minting conditions have been created:
– The user can make a mint of two tokens at a special price.
– The user can make a mint token at a special price. The latter can also mint one token by paying only once
– The user who is not on any list can take part in a Raffle winners Raffle lottery, where the winner is randomly chosen and will have the possibility to mint one token at a special price. For transparency of execution, a contract was created with all conditions



WEB 3.0 tools







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