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Concentration on core task

Your key task is to produce ideas for business growth, so focus on this while we provide technological support of your ideas

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Ability to engage more experts

If you don’t have the required tech expert in-house, you can empower your team with an outsourced team that has vast experience and expertise in the field you need 

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In almost all cases, outsourcing of your project is cheaper than in-house development. You don’t just save on costs related to recruitment and infrastructure, you also have access to developers in different countries with more competitive rates

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Increased productivity

Get more tasks done and save on time and costs offloading your team and delegating the technological development to outsourcing

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Quick and easy start

We have a strong talent pool, effective recruitment capabilities and proven employer brand, so you can assemble your outsourced team within several weeks

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Simple workflow

We make the outstaffing process as simple as possible. You define the skill set needed for your potential employee. We provide you with CVs that match your requirements. Then we organize interviews before the commencement of any work. You can assign tasks to the hired talents and get reports on the work done. 

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If you need more staff to empower your development team, the most cost-effective solution is to hire an outstaffed expert. Avoid extra expenses on training and infrastructure costs. 

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Risk Free

Great work is always a result of a perfect match between the client and his team. You can make use of a  free trial period to check whether the hired employee is exactly the one you are looking for

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Our services

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Web & Mobile Development

Let’s create a fast-loading, reliable, and cost-effective web or mobile solution that is tailored specifically to your business needs and goals

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Dedicated Team Creation / Outstaffing

Empower your team with top-notch tech experts that have vast experience in various industries and are ready to dive deep into your project

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3D Design & Game Development

Create exciting games with realistic characters that will take users into a fascinating virtual world

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Blockchain/Crypto development

Hit the market with up-to-date, secure, and scalable blockchain solutions that will be perfectly integrated into your business processes

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CNC Programming for Manufacturing

Build CNC software that will allow your manufacturing machines to conduct repetitive tasks. Increase your production speed and bring you higher profit with less waste and lower operating expenses

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Grow your brand awareness and customer loyalty with our comprehensive marketing development services.

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  3. Deploy talents to your team

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General questions

Do you have any questions? Explore the answers to the most common one below or press the contact button and our manager will consult you!

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  • Do you work with NFT?

    Yes, We offer website development, custom minting page design & development, wallet integration (Metamask, Openmask etc.), integration with Opensea & Rarible, random NFT minting and reveals, royalty public/private minting, blockchain integration.  

  • In what industries do you have profound experience?

    ANVI used to work in different industries, for example, governmental industry, real estate, travel, fintech, e-Commerce.  

  • What services could I get from ANVI?

    We provide our clients with a wide range of services: web/mobile development, QA, DevOps, web/mobile design, graphic design, eMarketing services.

  • What are my guarantees when hiring employees via Anvi?

    In case you want to stop employment of a developer you hired through, for any reason whatsoever, we guarantee finding replacement candidates for the same rate. If none of these candidates suit your needs, we will return any outstanding funds that you’ve paid in advance.  

  • What countries do you work with?

    We work with clients across Europe, Britain, North America, and Asia. We can fill any vacancy at any location!  

  • What is the difference between outsourcing and outstaffing?

    In both models you hire a team of professionals. Outsourcing refers to the support of the entire project, usually both management and development tasks. Outsourcing team carries out the whole project A-Z. Outstaffing is about hiring individual talent (or several talents) for the clients project to augment his team. The outstaffing provider is responsible for recruitment of the required talents. Client manages the activity and tasks of the hired expert by himself.

  • What IT services can be outsourced?

    You can outsource almost any IT task and business process: design, architecture, development, maintenance, DevOps etc.