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Manufacturer of branded (own brand) wedding dresses that works with 89 countries around the world. The main type of customers is retail stores selling wedding dresses. It also has a number of its own retail stores.

The company employs more than 500 people who work in various departments of the company from the purchase of materials for sewing dresses to the sales department.


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Project Solution

Project Task. Challenge

  • Develop a design project to combine several brands of wedding dresses under one management plane

  • Create a catalog of dresses categorized by brand

  • Display collections of brands with a description of dresses

  • Creation of a photo gallery for dresses

  • Develop a blog with a choice of different types of galleries for displaying photos

  • Perform SEO optimization of the site for working with the project

  • Integrate applications to the CRM system

  • For partners (wholesale buyers), create a registration and confirmation system by the manager. Аfter that, the user gains access to the site and the ability to place orders for goods

  • For retailers, creation of the ability for all products to lead to the search page of partner stores around the world

  • Integration of Instagram posts

  • Administrative panel for Project Management

  • Integration with 1C for syncing product balances

  • Viber-notification of new applications

  • Internationalization (8 languages)

  • Submission of 2 types of applications (become a partner or apply for feedback)

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Project Task

Project Solution

  • Firstly, we created and integrated a full-sized design project. Secondly, we developed an administrative panel for website management.

  • Create a catalog of dresses categorized by brand

  • Then we created managing deputies for requests, applications and site content pages. For different partners depending on the region we specified the price in a foreign currency (clients could have 3 options).

  • After that we did SEO optimization of the site and added automatic sitemap generation.xml. In addition, we did multilingual alt for all the site images, specified page titles, descriptions and page images via the SEO admin panel.

  • Later on, was done an open graph markup, were performed canonical references and CNC for links with the ability to control.

  • Apart from this, all images were optimized and displayed in modern formats for browsers that support it. We also integrated partner requests from the site into the Bitrix24 CRM system. Eventually, we created a different system of roles for project management for customer relations managers, site administrator and content filling manager.

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